Which kind of Villa do RNT Maclaren Villas offer?

Basically, the Villas we offer are privately owned and their interior is designed according to the owner's preferences. Be It luxury villa or a country style, they all are unique and reflects the owner's choice. Our motive is to grant you the best. Hence, we ensure the villa is maintained and its quality is up to par.

Is Online Booking Possible?

No, we don't accept bookings online radar we have our agents who will help you with the bookings.

What is the Procedure for Bookings?

First, you got to visit our page select your desired Villa and enter the dates for which you require it and all the required details in the request form available on our page and send that to us. According to the availability we will either accept or decline your booking in case of non-availability of the Villa. Moreover, we will suggest you similar Villas via Email in any case you will get the response from our customer service team within 12 hours via Email.

How will I receive Confirmation and Arrival Instructions from RNT Maclaren Villas?

All the required instructions will be sent via Email before the arrival date. To be on a safer side please adjust your spam filter setting. Make sure to list the domain rntmaclaren.com into your accepted email addresses.

You will receive the reservation confirmation after the down payment and check-in instructions with exact coordinates will be sent after the full payment.

What is the Required Minimum Duration of Stay?

A minimum of 5 to7 night stays is required in general. During Christmas and New Year festive, a minimum stay of 10 to 14 Nights is required. But we do have Villas who accept shorter stays. In any case, please contact us to get proper assistance.

Do you provide Your Brochure?

Yes, we have a complete PDF format brochure once you place your request we will make it available to you. However, the best way to view our entire collection of villas is online.

To whom we need to Approach in case we want to Book an Excursion or Need any Service while staying in Villa?

During your stay, we will provide you with a representative’s service if required and our concierge team will assist you via email or phone call in case of an emergency during the office hours.

What are the criteria to get considered for an infant fare?

An infant must be under the age of 2 years during the return journey. If the infant can travel in the lap of an adult in the aircraft he or she will be eligible for a nominal fee. From Airlines that is no luggage allowance for them.

Do our Villas Accommodate Pets?

Most of the Villas pets are not allowed. However, we also own a few properties where we do allow pets. Moreover, please get it checked with your travel consultant beforehand to avoid any confusion later on.

What are the timings for Check-in and Check-out of the Villa?

You can check-in after 3:00 pm on the day of arrival and it must be vacated by 10:00 am on the day of departure. Distaff needs the time to prepare it for the accommodation of the incoming guests. Please note that staff may arrive early.

Are Babysitters Available?

Most of our villas get it availed upon your request, though it takes extra charge. In case of any special requirement, you can contact us or our agents.

What are the terms and conditions for Disabled Travelers?

Since many of our properties or not equipped with all the essentials needed for the disabled guests. Therefore, it is important for you to inform us about your special requirements before booking so that we can advise you the suitable property as per your need.

How will I get the Keys of the Villa?

Either at the airport or at the Villa local representatives well hands over the keys and will take you to the house tour to familiarize you with the Villa.

Do all of your villas offer staff personnel?

Some of our Villas include Staff. But the ones that do not include we can offer upon request.

Can a Chef be arranged?

Yes, you need to inform us in advance. Our team can arrange a chef to a tailor-made dinner party for you please ask for a coat and sample menus when you make your bookings.

What services are provided by RNT Maclaren Villas other than villa booking?

RNT Maclaren Villas provides the below-mentioned services other than the villa booking services:

Our Travel Arrangements:
• Airline Reservations
• Charter Flight Reservations
• Inter-island Travel via plane, ferry, private charter boat, helicopter
• Car Rentals
• Airport Transfers via Limo, Van, Private Car or Cab

Our In-villa Services:
• Cooks - for every meal, or just a few
• Prepared Meals delivered to your villa
• Fully Catered & Staffed Gourmet Meals or Events
• Pre-arrival Grocery Shopping
• Massage & Spa services
• Personal Yoga Instructors or Personal Trainers
• Work out equipment rentals
• Office equipment rentals
• Babysitting
• Additional Maid Service or villa staffing

Our Destination Concierge Services:
• Tennis Lessons / Court Time
• Tee Times / Golf Excursions
• Scuba Diving & Snorkeling
• Yacht Charters / Sailing Charters
• Horseback Riding
• Art & Historic Tours
• Trekking Tours
• Vineyard Tours and Wine Tasting
• Cooking Lessons & Demonstrations

Do you have a Lost and Found Policy?

Yes, if you forget something behind in the villa's premises and we get it. We can keep it safely for you. If you inform us early about it then your item will be sent to your address and it will require an extra charge.


Is there a pool heating at the villa- how much does it cost and do I need to book it in advance?

Pool heating will cost you an additional extra but if it is available at your chosen villa, then you have to book it in advance. When it comes to the cost, it varies a lot from a villa to villa. So, we will suggest you to please call us for a quote and other similar queries.

It is important to note that if you decide to have a pool heated in winter it will cost more than heating a pool in the months of summer.

Do we provide pool toys and sports equipment at the villa?

Inflatable pool toys left by previous clients are normally removed beforehand prior to your arrival. Also, you will need to provide your own sports equipment (For eg. Tennis racquet or Golf club). It doesn’t matter if there is a tennis court at the villa or a golf court nearby.

Are the Villas non-smoking?

Yes, all of our villas are totally non-smoking. Smoking is only permitted outside of the property.

How often does the maid visit?

Now, this varies from Villa to villa if the maid is not included in your villa price. So you need to see the individual villa description to establish how often you can expect to see the maid during your stay. Please note that the maids do not work on Sundays or bank holidays.

Do we need to bring our own towels?

Every villa has a supply of towels for use in the bathrooms. Most of the villas provide towels for use by the pool but you should check the individual villa description or else you can call our reservation team to check. But please note, towels provided at the villa should not be taken to the beach.

Will there be a hairdryer at the villa?

No, hairdryers are not provided at the villa so don’t forget to take one with you.

Do you provide plug-in insect repellants?

Plug- in insect repellants are not provided at the villa, nor do we supply fly spray or ant powder but if you wish to take additional precautions then don’t forget to take these things with you or else you can purchase them in the resort.

Can I expect for the supply of a cot and high chair for my infant at the villa?

It is important to note that cots are often of the travel- type and unsuitable for children over the age of two. We can provide you can cot and one high chair but only after you make a request at the time of booking. But please remember that cot linen is not supplied.

Is it allowed to use a safe at the villa?

We are aware that some villas have safes but we do not advertise their availability or keep a record if one is available. But the use of safes will be at your own risk.

Is travel insurance is mandatory?

Yes, of course, you have invested a lot of money, time and aspirations into your upcoming vacation, and travel insurance serves to protect that investment from cancellation, delay, loss, theft or disruption because of any medical emergencies (on vacation or back at home).

May I tip the staff?

Tipping the staffs of the villa is always welcome, although not always mandatory on most islands or locations. However, just as the customary in the travel industry, there is a lot of appreciation and recognition for a job that is done well.

How much time in advance do I require to book the villa?

You need to book several months in advance to get the most popular villas. Rule of thumb.... if you are sure with the idea of having a particular villa for a particular time period, you can put a deposit on it. Because in most of the cases, it is first to come first served.

Whom do I contact in the event if I have a problem at the villa?

You will be supplied with the contact information of the local housekeeper, villa manager, or local villa Management Company of every villa offered by RNT Maclaren Villas who is accessible round the clock to respond to any problem you might have at your villa.You will also be supplied with other important local phone numbers.

Is a villa a convenient idea for your Honeymoon?

It's an exceptional idea! Villas are mostly private and come with private hot tubs, pools or Jacuzzis. Many of the Greek Islands are incredibly romantic and perfect for your honeymoon.

The combination of the private villa’s luxury along with concierge services which include massage therapies, dining in and many such things assure to make your Honeymoon a memorable and a lifetime experience.

Are the villas equipped with air-conditioning?

Some villas are fully air-conditioned, whilst others only have to air-condition in the bedrooms. This information could also be found on our website’s appropriate villa page

Is there internet access?

Most of our villas that have been featured have the access to the internet. However, the connection speed, cost, and equipment available vary from property to property. Please visit the page with the appropriate villa information or you may also speak to your Travel Consultant or you can contact us directly.


From where we should collect the car booked through the villa agency?

The information regarding the hired car's collection will be sent 10 days before your departure. Please note that you'll be charged €20 if you have to collect or return your car before 8:00 a.m. or after 8:00 p.m. respectively. For further queries, you can contact us.

Is it possible to get the hired car delivered at our property?

Yes, it is possible but there are certain terms and conditions. Deliveries are possible only during office hours that is from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. The car hiring company does charge for it. For more details contact us.

Where will the cab driver at the airport receive us?

If we have booked the taxi or minibus transfer to your accommodation the driver will be waiting in arrivals to direct you to your transport. He/she will have either your surname or The Villa Agency on a board. You may wish to tip the driver but this is of course at your discretion.

Can you book flights for me?

Yes, we do offer flight booking services. You can contact our reservation team in case you face any flight booking issues. We have substantial information on airlines.


Do you charge for the entire Villa or as per the number of individuals?

We charge for the entire Villa the parties; weddings or large gatherings require written permission. Some larger villas reduce the charges in case of fewer rooms occupied.The guest list must not exceed the one mentioned in the rental agreement.

Does weekly rental always start on the same day each week?

At most of our destinations until the Villa is available you can arrive on any day of the week. In Greece it’s Saturday.

What all services are provided in the total price of the villa?

Each Villa charges its price per week it includes the services of our representative, maid services (specified according to the individual villa), all linen (except cot linen), towels (except the pool towels unless it's specified), air conditioning, Wi-Fi. Charges of car hire, transfer, pool heating, and holiday insurance are not included.

Within how many days do we need to make the deposit to reserve the villa?

It is within 5 to 14 days of confirming your reservation you need to provide RNT Maclaren Villas with the check. A reservation will not be valid until the deposit money is received.

The valid credit card number is required on all reservation at the time of booking to guarantee the reservation until a check or wire transfer is received.

What is the amount of deposit required to secure the villa's reservation?

50% of the deposit is the minimum amount required.

What are the different forms of payment that we can use?

It varies from one destination to another, in general. It is expected to make the payment 60 days prior to the travel. So, when making a last minute reservation (within 60 days prior to arrival) 100% of the payment is expected within 5 days of getting confirmation of reservation.

What are the forms of payment I can use?

Following are the different forms of payment: • Personal Check
• Check-by-Phone
• Wire Transfer (client is responsible for wire transfer fees from both banks)

What is the cancellation policy?

The cancellation fees vary from one destination to another. If you cancel your reservation before 60 days of arrival, 22- 25% of the gross rental price will be charged. Cancellation between 62-30 days of arrival will result in a cancellation fee of 50% of the gross rental price. Also, if it's done within 30 days of travel, a full forfeiture of the gross rental price will be charged. Please contact your reservation agent to get the specific details for you regarding the same.

What is the Payment procedure?

Online payments are accepted via debit or credit card. Please note credit card payment archers 2% fee. Payment through a cheque is also accepted. It can also be done with the help of our reservation team over the telephone.

Which cards do you accept for payment?

We accept UK Maestro debit card, American express visa, Visa debit card, and MasterCard. Please note the use of a credit card is subjected to a service charge.


What should I do if any property at Villa gets damaged or it's already damaged?

You have to report it to the house manager; the damaged property will be replaced. In case the damage is done from your end make immediate payment to avoid deduction from your security deposit and do keep a receipt of it can be useful to claim your travel insurance.

To whom we should approach to get our booking issues resolved?

You can contact one of our travel consultants anytime by email (villas@rntmaclaren.com) or call us on +44 203966612.We would be happy to assist you.